At times, a stranger has put into words just what your heart is speaking. Other times, a well-turned phrase can bring consolation. Inspirational quotations helps kindness bloom in everyday life_______________________________________________
Enjoy some of my personal quotes! Peace & Love xx f
“Options are a simple choice in life like a crossroad (left or right), you either get left or you do what’s right.”

“Centuries of conditioning have made people act in different ways but underneath we are no better or no worse.”
"You don’t get stuck with less when you settle for more" 
"Never stop believing in yourself, everything they said I couldn't do I'm doing and continue you to do."
“I don’t think I’m more superior than anyone, but I decisively know what’s above & beneath me.”
"I love that poetry opens people from the limited ways they think & feel, music can paint vivid pictures but words evokes the audiences own interpretation."

"So much has changed in my life, but yet at times it appears so little. I feel the changes have been to open doors for a new me."
"I don't think no-one should be made to feel insignificant if they don't subscribe to the status-quo, problem is people are too consumed in there worldly existence  to process the harsh realities of life."
"Don't work to other peoples pace if it isn't formidable to your life speed, set your own and push forward from there."
"You can't fast track your way to the top, patience is a true virtue."

"They way I see it plenty guys are jerks but I can put my hands up and say I'm different. So although I may not have met one, I know there's good women out there."

"If you show me you have no word, you have no honor, and no honor equals no value!"
"Sometimes you have to fight the things they say you cannot change."
"If you seriously want something in life dream big and go with your heart. Focus your passion, never give up and apply yourself."
"If you have faith and you're determined to win then nobody can stop you."
 "I now see why certain people are no longer prevalent in my life. Although I was ignorant to it then, there would have been no room for them on this journey to where I'm heading now."
"The most valuable things in life you just can't buy, some your born with naturally; others you have to put the work in and earn them."

"Don't hate me for what I haven't done, that's not fair. Instead love me for what I've done."

"People are such robotic drones these days. Break cycles, and don't be ascared to push past normalcy."

"Women... The mortal enemy yet natural balance of a man."

"Use drawbacks to set a new pace for you to move forwards."

"I spend my life trying to hold on to what I love and fighting for what I care about."

"The say I've changed. I say I'm just not as naive to the cruel ways of the world anymore." 
 "Often in life your there for everybody all the time, would be nice to have somebody there for you for a change."

"In life you naturally develop, as your maturity grows you may find you no longer encompass a lot of the things you once did and transcend a lot of the people you were once around." 
 "Its never a nice feeling when you see jealousy's ugly head. To think someone you've held so closely in life and been there for can secretly hold such I'll intent and malice towards you. Its an ugly world we live in."

"You learn over the years that get rich quick schemes and fast money just equate to headaches. Can't beat a solid hard earning I tell you."

"You don't break a boulder down with one blow you chip away at it piece by piece, it takes perseverance, persistence and most importantly patience."

"Sometimes its best to leave somethings unsaid, as often the more you speak the more power you may give to a negative situation."

"If there's one thing life has taught me its to expect the unexpected. Nothings for sure in this realm of illusions."

"We easily get bogged down by setbacks, yet so much joy can come from breaking down barriers and mending fences."

"This life is about saving your soul plain and simple. So every step we take and the moves we make adds up to how it is damaged or guarded."

"When I was younger I was ignorgant to love, I thought of it as a destination. Over the years I've learned to see love as a constant journey."

"Simple minds are often intimidated by my intelligence."

"Times and attitudes have changed but its a must that guys be men again and women remember their worth." 
 "It's a crazy world to think some people prefer being shrouded in superficiality and fraudulence, over that of real depth and substance."
"I think if I didn't have such creative outputs to displace my pain Id've ended up stir crazy a long time ago."