Thursday, 15 September 2011

Win a signed copy of Fonzos 'The Doors' EP | Urban Vault

Win a signed copy of Fonzos 'The Doors' EP | Urban Vault

Fonzo - The Doors: Review

Fonzo - The Door's EP:

Such a positive vibe and metaphorical EP from the start to end! My favorite track from the EP would be "Dream Big!" make's ya'll believe you can reach dreams, if you reach out and I like how Fonzo mention's we are equally great and completely squashes out racism. That to me as an artist is real talk.
"Give Me Your Love" is also a favorite from the EP, I love the beat and the production is great also! The lyrics relate to me with my situation with females in life now.
Overall I'd rate the EP 4 out of 5 stars!

Wrote by Que from Ender Line Recordings.

EP can be found here

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Fonzo interview by Anna “L.A.” (

What made you decide to pursue the career of becoming an artist and who was your greatest influence?

I’ve always had a strong passion for music but I’m a shy person and was somewhat subconscious about my own material, but I reception I got from listeners and people reaching out to me saying they relate to my music was a big thing for me as I’m not only a performer but a fan too that pushed me to pursue it further.

My greatest influence was 2Pac he encompassed so much more than being just a Rap Artist

What's new in the recording of your music?

My new material is a lot more grown up, I’ve matured so much as a person from when 1st started making music, and my work reflects that.

How can supporters gain access to your music?

Any of these websites and they are pretty much all synched together

Q. What does the process look like of you putting together a song, do you first come up with the lyrics and find a matching beat afterwards or vice versa?

To be honest depends what the song is about. As a writer sometimes if something’s on my chest I get inspiration to just write, then get a beat built around it afterwards. But mostly I would have the beat first then write to it, which I generally prefer.

Q. So what can we expect to hear from your upcoming album #DiaryOfATiredBlackMan

A concept album! One that isn’t shy to touch on issues from police brutality, social injustice, love, politics and much more. It will have a soulful tone but not too sombre I want it to be a motivational record.

Are you working with any artists?

Yes, I love collaborating. It’s one of the best parts about making music. To name a few artists I’ve got upcoming projects with Big Mike, Lavish Ent, Chris Barrie (Wiseblood), G5-J (No Limit Records) as well as #TeamBoutDat my personal understudies.

Q. Wearing more than your 'artist hat' talk to us about your involvement with New Scene Wrestling in the UK and picking up the pen for a community magazine.

Well as you may know they’ve labelled me as “The fastest rising star in ALL of entertainment”, and that’s definitely a hat I want to own. With NSW I have been given the opportunity to come on board with what I believe to be the future of British Wrestling promotions. I appear on the shows as an “Eric-Bishoff-Esque” Character and I have a lot of fun with it, Shout out to Abbas, Corey, Dreas, Ash, Luke & all the New Scene Wrestling Team!

As for the “Real Talk Magazine” that was the birth child of Craig Pinkney a local community worker, I worked with him on some youth forums at his centre and I ran the online web-group. When the ideas of doing a magazine came up it was only fitting I got involved.

Q. And I heard there is also a book in the works, what can you tell us about this venture?

Yes there is as if I don’t have enough figurative pies with my fingers in I want to do 3 books, one showcasing my poetry, one small pock sized book of motivational quotes and lastly a book I’m currently devising called “Memorandum of Understanding” and it deals with relationships, commitment and intimacy so look out for that.

Q. What's the music scene in the UK like at the moment?

It’s a weird scene out here; I don’t really know what to make of it I think most of the pop stuff is rubbish, but hey they better watch this space! My supporters I will not let you down.

Q. Please feel free to add any other information you want to share with the public audience/readers and spread the Word about Rapsoulution Magazine

Thanks for your time and big up Anna, Slick Worthington and the rest of the team at Rap Soulution, once again you can find me at the usual web outlets. Peace

Full Magazine issue can be downloaded here featuring:
5th Seal,
JAM 718,
Ekorb aka Mr. Bangkok Dangerous,
Omillio Sparks,
Hope For The Future,
and more......

Thursday, 1 September 2011



Magic in its purest form,
Bold yet subtle,
Emoting elegance like that of a handcrafted gemstone,
And so it would seem a flawless existence,
If anything could be labeled perfect in the world it would be you,

I find myself spellbound gladly at times when,
Days are spent engaged in your brown diamonds,
Golden trinkets and worldly riches,
I never could trade or hold thee above,

Gradually reeled in closer & closer,
Like my feet has been moved by a force I can't control,
Drinking in the gentle aroma,
Sweet as carnations in an open field,

I yield to the intensity as I recall a simpler past,
Vividly it plays centrifugally within my mind,
A loop of not the kind so fruity,
More like the symbol of eternity,
The grandiose depth of my emotions begins to culminate,

A heart of gold should so be treasured,
Kindred spirits tethered no distance to move,
Never! I wanted you out of my life your in-disposable,
And so its clear though your not here I'm still in love with you.