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Blog - #DiaryOfATiredBlackMan "Everyone I Know Goes Away In The End"

Dear Diary,

Today I was in a bit of a somber mood once again after a day of long work I found my self pondering on whether to go out which would probably be an unfulfilled night. I found myself feeling sorry for myself that I'm home alone and in a sense lonely. So what do you do at that point, drink? smoke? no you turn to the main man JC... Yes that's right you break out some mood music and in this case it was the Outlaw Johnny Cash!

As I listened to the appropriately titled "Hurt" the lyrics stuck out like a 3D Movie "Everyone I know, goes away in the end".. Although I have listened to this particular song so much times at this point what resonated was the correlation between what Cash sung about and my life. It got me thinking of past relationships I've had and when I say relationships that also includes platonic. Friendships that seemed to fade away into mediocrity then finally nothing. The commonality being people I cared a lot for in the past aren't here now.

Maybe its part of life. I think back to growing up people always drifted away but the impact was lesser. The connections weren't as strong and everyone was finding there feet. But now nowadays there's no many harsh realities and factors to take people off course. I've had homies turn out to be phony and stab me in the back, family members through envy turn there backs on me, friends die, broads lie and use me until they could get what they want and then vamoose! It seems there is a habit of people taking my kindness for weakness and its people I've had nothing but love for. People I've done so much more and would like to think I made a positive impact on there lives all went away.

I'm not sure if that's the standpoint Johnny Cash was coming from when he sung "Hurt" or Trent Reznor when he wrote it. But it definitely seems that the people you truly know all go away in the end. It has me looking around at the people I have deep love for that are around me now and it's very minimal. I think what will I become if they go? Is it something I cause? do I black out and live a Tyler-Durden-Esque double life treating people like a douche and not recall it? I think not!

Verily it does make me wonder where I'm bound especially in times of solace like this. I've always treasured the moments spent with friends and appreciate everyone I know and have encountered on this journey thus far. Good or bad it has helped shaped what I am, and what I'm destined to be! With that said the world keeps turning the pages thicken and another date to the diary is added.

- Fonz

Friday, 24 June 2011

Blog - Love, Lust and Materialism

I wanted to repost this awesome read I came across, "Love, Lust and Materialism" by Dr. Jumma Marri. Check it out its pretty lengthy but hey its about Love the most wonderful emotion one could feel and it really sums up a lot in a timeless subject which I think is sooo gnarley. Enjoy! - Fonz

Love, lust and materialism
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. Bible

True love is the greatest feelings between people who want to share everything with each other, feelings, emotions, good times bad times, material possessions, dreams and aspirations, you would jump a bullet for them, all their faults are beautiful and they feel the same way you do. Love is giving, love is being patient, love is waiting, love is earning, love is wishing, love is respect, love desires, love is accepting, love is self-giving and love is everlasting that something you just show by doing it but never ever say it or show it. When you are in love feelings turn euphoric, comfortable, home, appreciating, accepting, and heavenly.

The person, you love him/her as he/she is. You don't compare with others and you feel right, content and satisfied. When you are in love the feelings in you are like you can't get that person out of your head, and sometimes no matter how much he/she gets on your nerve, you still wants to be with him/her.

True love cannot be mistaken for anything else and if you have any doubts, it is not true love. You always put your true love first no matter what, you cherish every moment you have with them, you see no weakness in them, you understand them and you just love them so much you feel like your heart will explode! You only want what they want and if they should ever want you to let them go, you will do that too because you'll suffer or endure anything in order that they can be happy, even if it means that you are not there is no egoism in love.

In true love you find the ultimate peace of mind and soul in the arms of somebody, its is caring for the other person more than caring about yourself, is when your heart beats one million times when seeing him, /her its is when you want to be born live and die in their hands, true love is when your soul is in a peace with yourself and the world, it is when you just think about the other person, want their happiness and satisfaction, love is when you see his/her smile you feel that life is smiling at you and then you forget all pains of the world.

What is truth behind love? The truth is hidden. In Greek word the truth is originated from the word 'hidden.' So love is hiding. I think if you love someone, you are not able to reveal. The feeling is so deep inside, that no one will know and you can't even express it. No one can ever define true love, we have to experience it ourselves and pass through this individually.

Lust: Lust, like love, is truly blind. This is why, especially at the beginning of a relationship, it can be hard to tell whether you're in lust or love.

While lust feels emotional. If you're considering eventually getting married, remember one thing, marriage should not be the sequel to sex. It should be the sequel to friendship. Loads of people make big mistakes when getting married because they think they're in love and that they're suppose to marry the person who excites them and has good sexual chemistry. But after those feelings subside they end up with resentment, disgust and anger for this person.

Such love is often misunderstood or misinterpreted with lust and economical interests that's why so many marriages end in divorce. People get a hormonal rush when they're around a person and think they're in love, and believe that person is "the one." Not even close. True love creeps up on you over a long period of time. It's NOT that powerful feeling of "I must have this person." Instead, it's a slow build-up. When you truly love someone you don't have to ask yourself if it's love. After having this person in your life for quite some time, one day you wake up and automatically know. It's not an emotional rush of feeling type of love, the kind that makes you breathless when you're around them or thinking about them. That's lust.

They were never really in love. Many times we are already married to that person .We feel trapped as well as unhappy. It's terrifying to wake up one day and realize you're in a relationship with someone who you can’t depend on to be by your side forever.

Money and love
I think there is a huge emphasis on material possessions in today’s society. In today’s world, people simply judge others by their looks and possessions. Mostly young girls look at your car and dress first than your personality or looks, their eyes run at size of your house or flat, its inner decorations and carpets on floor that is not love its materialism covered with fake love. This has been the case throughout the world all through time. For example, a rich man seems to always be treated with more respect than does a poor man. Even in ancient history there was an emphasis on material possessions. Back in the middle Ages, the person who owned the most land would have the most respect.

For example girls in chat express so much love to you and at the end ask do have your own house and are you rich if they find you are not, next time you will not find them online again or they change their IDs.

People want to be accepted in society. That is why much importance is put on what a person possess then looks like, how they dress, what they own, and so on… Even though I think it is wrong to judge on material possessions, it’s what usually happens.

People need to understand that not everyone has the same opportunities as another. Some people are rich, some are poor, and others are in the middle. It’s the character and values of a person, not material possessions that count. I wish our society would realize this. Unfortunately, our world will probably continue to judge others on what they have materially, rather than what they have on the inside.

The emphasis on material possessions starts when people are young. Kids who don’t wear cool clothing, or aren’t as wealthy as others, are usually sidelined. It’s the kids with the cool clothing and from wealthy families that are popular and accepted. I wish our society could see that it’s not how much a person has that counts, but the personality and values of the person that are important.

The second reason why I think there is an emphasis on material possessions is most people feel that the more material possessions they acquire, the more important they become. For example, cars are a major status symbol in our civilization. People feel that if they buy an expensive car, they will have a higher rank in society. Even teenagers these days are driving around expensive cars, which they can barely afford, just to look cool. This problem of wanting more possessions to be powerful is the main reason greed is a predicament in our world. Many people will do anything for money and power. Thus, there is an emphasis on material possessions in today’s society because people want to fit in and want to feel powerful and important.

Another reason why we put emphasis on material possessions is human nature. We have been brought up to believe that rich people are better than poor people. That isn't true at all, but we believe it since it was all that we have been taught. The media is controlled by the rich they are all the time on prime news. All over the television there are commercials about the hottest new styles or the coolest new toys. It makes it seem like everybody has to have them and everybody is going to. If you can't afford these things, or just don't want them, you are supposedly not going to be considered very modern or cool.

Although some people seem to think that having everything is great and that makes somebody perfect, it doesn't. Sometimes material possessions aren't as important as we make them out to be. What really matters is what is on the inside and what a person has to offer as a friend. We must teach our teenagers, that personality is more important than material possessions.

Love is something which no human can live without. Or at least without some kind of love (from your mother, your partner etc...) an individual is very likely to be antisocial or suicidal without love or hope of love so love is the thing that gives us hope and the will do good things and it feels worm and comfortable. Without love inside, we have only human look but not humans.

News: TV's Columbo, Peter Falk, dies at 83 :(

So I was at a friend of mine the other nights and as i'm channel surfing I mark out like "Hey Columbo is on" hearing my exasperation her response was "Columbo? whats he from?" I was like "Errm really?! Columbo" lol it was a funny moment and I was surprised she had never heard of Peter Falk I told he her had a glass eye and as a nurse she guessed which one it was! Was funny at the time and that was the last time I watched a Columbo movie. Now it saddens me to report the passing of Peter Falk, he was a great performer and my condolences go to his family. Columbo = #Winning. P

PETER Falk, the stage and movie actor who became identified as the squinty, rumpled detective in Columbo - one of the most iconic characters in police drama running over 30 years in primetime television - has died aged 83.

Falk died on Thursday in his Beverly Hills home, according to a statement released overnight by family friend Larry Larson.

In a court document filed in December 2008, Falk's daughter Catherine Falk said he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Columbo began its history in 1971 as part of the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie series, appearing every third week.
The show became by far the most popular of the three mysteries, the others being McCloud and McMillan and Wife.

Falk was reportedly paid $US250,000 ($238,050) a movie and could have made much more if he had accepted an offer to convert Columbo into a weekly series.

He declined, reasoning that carrying a weekly detective series would be too great a burden.

Columbo - he never had a first name - presented a contrast to other TV detectives.

"He looks like a flood victim," Falk once said.

"You feel sorry for him. He appears to be seeing nothing, but he's seeing everything. Underneath his dishevelment, a good mind is at work."

NBC cancelled the three series in 1977.

In 1989 ABC offered Columbo in a two-hour format usually appearing once or twice a season.

The movies continued into the 21st century. Columbo appeared in 26 foreign countries and was a particular favourite in France and Iran.

Columbo's trademark was an ancient raincoat Falk had once bought for himself.

After 25 years on television, the coat became so tattered it had to be replaced.

Peter Michael Falk was born September 16, 1927, in New York City and grew up in Ossining, New York, where his parents ran a clothing store.

At three he had one eye removed because of cancer.

"When something like that happens early," he said in a 1963 Associated Press interview, "you learn to live with it. It became the joke of the neighbourhood. If the umpire ruled me out on a bad call, I'd take the fake eye out and hand it to him."

When Falk was starting as an actor in New York, an agent told him, "Of course, you won't be able to work in movies or TV because of your eye".

Falk would later win two Oscar nominations (Murder, Inc, 1960; Pocketful of Miracles, 1961) and collect five Emmys.

After serving as a cook in the merchant marine and receiving a master's degree in public administration from Syracuse University, he worked as an efficiency expert for the budget bureau of the state of Connecticut.

He also acted in amateur theatre and was encouraged to become a professional by actress-teacher Eva La Gallienne.

An appearance in The Iceman Cometh off-Broadway led to other classical parts, notably as Joseph Stalin in The Passion of Joseph D.

In 1971 Falk scored a hit in Neil Simon's The Prisoner of Second Avenue.

Falk made his film debut in 1958 with Wind Across the Everglades and established himself as a talented character actor with his performance as the vicious killer Abe Reles in Murder, Inc.

Among his other movies: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Robin and the Seven Hoods, The Great Race, Luv, Castle Keep, The Cheap Detective, The Brinks Job, The In-Laws, The Princess Bride.

Falk also appeared in a number of art house favourites, including the semi-improvisational films Husbands and A Woman Under the Influence, directed by his friend John Cassavetes, and Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire, in which he played himself.

Falk became prominent in television movies, beginning with his first Emmy for The Price of Tomatoes in 1961.
His four other Emmys were for Columbo.

He was married to pianist Alyce Mayo in 1960; they had two daughters, Jackie and Catherine, and divorced in 1976.

The following year he married actress Shera Danese.

They filed for divorce twice and reconciled each time.

When not working, Falk spent time in the garage of his Beverly Hills home.

He had converted it into a studio where he created charcoal drawings.

He took up art in New York when he was in the Simon play and one day happened into the Art Students League.

He recalled: "I opened a door and there she was, a nude model, shoulders back, a light from above, buck-ass naked. The female body is awesome. Believe me, I signed up right away.''

Falk is survived by his wife Shera and his two daughters.


Hey Warlocks!

As a lot of you may know I'm now the face of NSW so you can catch me getting my Eric Bishoff on, on shows all around the U.K. The professional wrestling business has always been one of my passions and I'm having fun going out performing and electrifying hardcore wrestling fans.

It gets pretty wild, high energy, high octane, and is a great family experience which i'd recommend. I have a few Talents I will be working with and putting over who me being "The fastest rising star in ALL of entertainment" can recognize there winning appeal!

With that said here's a fan video from a show in Wolverhampton where my protege "The Future" Marshall-X takes on the Chainsaw Psycho! enjoy

also for show dates etc check out


News - Another black man dies in West Midlands police custody

Wow I just came across this story reading the Voice. Like I stated in my blog on Kingsley this is something that has been happening for years but is becoming more identified now. There will be a March for Kingsley Burrell 2nd July 2011 at 12:00 Noon Starting At Abbey Street, Winson Green, b18 5sQ.


Family cries foul play as another black man dies in West Midlands police custody
(By Trudy Simpson)

ANOTHER MAN has died following contact with police just months Kingsley Burrell and Smiley Culture.

According to reports, Demetre Fraser, a 21-year-old black man, from Peckham in South London, is said to have jumped from the 11th floor of a tower block where he was temporarily staying in Birmingham on May 31, during a visit by two police officers from the West Midlands.

West Midlands police told The Voice today (June 23) in a statement that police officers discovered the body at the foot of the tower block when they came to speak with Fraser about a reported breach of curfew conditions imposed by a court.

But his mother, Jossette Fraser, disputed West Midland police’s claims, telling a blogger on Operation Black Vote's (OBV) website that neighbours have told her they heard a huge commotion on the morning Fraser died.

“There is no way he jumped from that 11th floor window and committed suicide,” she told The Voice.

Demetre, whose story was published on an OBV blog earlier today, was said to have been temporarily staying in Birmingham's Druids Heath area. It is reported that he was on bail as a result of a petty assault charge after a dispute with his girlfriend but the compliant was subsequently withdrawn. His bail conditions were that he was to reside outside of London and on the 31st May at around 9 am West Midlands Police visited Demetre for a reported tag check. He was outside of his curfew time and there was no requirement for him to be home at that time.

“They are trying to tell me my son jumped off an 11th floor balcony and killed himself. Why? His girlfriend had withdrawn the charge against him and he knew that. He was waiting for the Crown Prosecution Service or the Police to formally tell him so he could come home to Peckham,” Fraser’s mother said. “He was reunited with his girl and looking forward to coming home and his friends spoke to him every day. My boy was happy and was just waiting for the charges to be dropped so he could come home."

She told the OBV blogger: “My family and Demetre’s friends are all in a state of deep shock and disbelief. His girlfriend is beside herself and we are demanding that West Midlands Police immediately suspend the two officers concerned whilst we get to the bottom of what actually happened. The idea that my son committed suicide is some sort of sick joke. Black men are not safe in police custody. Demetre, Smiley Culture and Kingsley Burrell proves that.”

Campaigners Maxi Hayles from Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit (BRAMU) and Lee Jasper, expressed outrage at Fraser’s death, coming so soon after the deaths of reggae singer Smiley Culture in Surrey on March 15 and Kingsley Burrell in Birmingham on March 31.

“It’s taking us back to the 1980s,” Lee Jasper told The Voice. “We have (had) this increase in deaths in custody in a short space of time.”

Hayles added: "They need to immediately suspend the officers involved in Demetre's case. We have just lost Smiley then Kingsley Burrell and now within weeks this young man. How much more can we take?”

A West Midlands spokesperson told The Voice: “West Midlands Police can confirm that the IPCC was informed on 1 June about the death of a 21-year-old man from Druids Heath in South Birmingham whose body was found at the foot of the tower block in which he lived. The discovery was made after officers had visited the address in an attempt to speak to the man about his alleged breach of court-imposed curfew conditions. The referral to the IPCC is standard procedure under protocol relating to the death or serious injury of anyone who may have had recent contact with the police. Having considered the circumstances, the IPCC has since referred the matter back to West Midlands Police’s Professional Standards Dept who will carry out an internal inquiry into the matter.”

On Saturday (July 2), Fraser’s mother, Burrell’s sister, Kadisha Burrell and Smiley Culture’s nephew, Merlin Emmanuel are expected to speak at a second march for Justice is to be held in Birmingham. They are calling for a public enquiry and more action and accountability to prevent more deaths. Burrell, a young father, had called the police to help him because he feared gang intimidation but he was forcibly arrested and later ended up dead in hospital. Smiley Culture’s family members have also disputed claims that he stabbed himself after officers raided his home in Warlingham, Surrey. The July 2 march is also being supported by celebrities such actor and pop star Ashley Walters.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

News - How Charlie Sheen Made More Money This Year Than Ever Before

Charlie Sheen’s epic flame-out earlier this year didn’t hurt his bank account much. In fact, despite getting fired from TV’s top show for his erratic behavior, he pulled in more in the last 12 months than in any previous year: $40 million. The combination of his huge earnings, his ubiquity in the press and his impressive social media following makes him the highest-ranked TV star on this year’s Forbes Celebrity 100, coming in at #28.

How? Well, in 2010, prior to his crash and burn, he renegotiated his “Two and a Half Men” contract. For the last season of the hit CBS show, he netted about $1.3 million per episode in upfront salary, plus another approximately $600,000 in back-end syndication fees. That comes to $1.9 million for each 22-minute show. While he was fired before the season was out, he still made 16 episodes out of the 24 scheduled, making just over $30 million (note that Forbes Celebrity earnings numbers are based on pretax gross income – see our methodology here).

Sheen also made a small fortune on his post-firing ‘Torpedo of Truth’ live tour, organized by concert giants Live Nation, despite decidedly mixed reviews (he was booed in some venues, and critics panned it). Including his appearance fees and merchandise sales, he raked in an estimated $7 million.

The actor also made approximately $2 million in the past 12 months on endorsements, including his Twitter sponsorship deal with He has a huge following on the social media site, which bolstered his #28 ranking on the Forbes Celebrity 100. When we finalized our data for the list on May 1, he had just over 3.6 million Twitter followers. Today he has almost 4 million.

Sheen also rakes in cash each year for DVD sales of previous films and TV shows, plus back-end fees for reruns of his old show “Spin City”. This year he took in about $1 million for these past projects.

To see how Sheen ranks compared to other stars, see our full coverage of the Forbes Celebrity 100. Sheen’s nemesis, “Two and a Half Men”, “Mike & Molly” and “The Big Bang Theory” producer Chuck Lorre, makes his debut at #77, pulling in $35 million — a little less than the star he famously fired.

Master P visits The MHMS and drops knowledge

Master P visits The MHMS and drops knowledge

News - Master P Ordered To Pay Only $271 A Month In Child Support For 4 Kids

According to TMZ, “Mr. Make em say unhh”, is in a child support battle with ex-wife Sonya. Percy “Master P” Miller, was ordered to pay $271 a month based on his monthly income of $1, 387. However, Sonya is trying to get her hands on his actual financials since he has to pay the minimum amount until they can find out his true income. Percy would be paying child support for four of six of their children (four whom are minors). While I know Master P, hasn’t been making music or movies as of late, but one thing I at least think I know, is that Master P has GOT to be making just a bit more than less than 2 grand a month. Something in the milk ain’t clean with that situation because that doesn’t even almost sound accurate to me.

Master P Miller has a total of seven children with Sonya. Their names are Romeo, Vercy, Intylyana, Tytyana, Itali, Hercy, Mercy. (4 of them are minors Tytyana, Italy, Hercy and Mercy.). He also has two other children from a past relationship Veno, and Cymphonique

New Orleans Hip-Hop mogul Master P. may be one of the richest men in Hip-Hop according to reports, but his wife is having a hard time determining his actual net worth. According to court documents, Master P. was ordered to pay the minimum amount for the four children, based off of an income of just $1,387 per month. It has widely been reported that Master P. is worth anywhere between $200-300 million dollars, based off of the success of his defunct Hip-Hop label, No Limit Records.


I never saw this coming I didn't even know they were divorced MP has done well to keep his business out of the public eye. I always rated the fact his wife was someone he came up with from when they was out in the ghetto. Hopefully all is according as y'all know Master P is one of my heroes!

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Blog - #DiaryOfATiredBlackMan "Affairs Of The Heart"

Okay here we go groovemiesters,

Been a while since I've put together an open blog this one I'd like to call "Affairs Of The Heart". Now I'm sure a lot of you may know from my past blogs, poems, or songs even, that I'm a pretty deep and open hearted guy and a lot of the FACTS of my relationships can be found amongst them, but for those that don't know I'll go into a quick catch up.

As much as I hate the terrestrial term "ex" I haven't found or conjured up a suitable replacement term (any suggestions welcomed). See my problem with that term is it demeans the relationship you once had. Understandable in some cases but often down to miscommunication, lack of empathy, ego, fear etc you can become estranged from somebody you still care a lot about. Then down to whatever reason they are now classed as merely an "Ex". Well before I go off topic it does bode relevance as after an conversation with a friend of mine today, an issue was raised of them being in the middle of me and my "ex".

It was said, and I quote "I hate being in the middle, somehow I always end up here hearing out both sides". This struck me for a few reasons. A) We seldom talk about my past relationship as I'm the type of person that wouldn't like to put someone in that uncomfortable position. B) It also struck me was its such a shame me and my "ex" don't speak to each other, as maybe that would attain closure both ways because regardless what we say to others or what they think its something that occurred between us, the thoughts, feelings, the situation is ours alone. C) I devote myself to the veracity of what happened I wonder if she does the same.

Now in this relationship I'll admit at the beginning though I was interested I was a jerk in someways about it. The fears that I had which I never outright expressed led to me being short in some instances e.g. I was never reluctant to commit but my inhibitions on whether or not she was serious and how she would take to certain external factors, I failed to express to her which I should have. Far from being a hypocrite and acting as though I was perfect besides that and a no non-sense approach to other things I did what I could to make her happy, which she was.

Now the relationship blossomed and where I was looking forward to it continuing to grow on the foundations already set (Honesty, Friendship, Truth). It seemed something was rocking the boat, after a holiday away on her return it was WHAM, Gone, thank you FONZ! Much to my Chagrin. At first my response was "hey if that's what you want then have it your way". But it wasn't long (maybe a day lol) before I was wondering what the hell happened and how it could be fixed. I heard rumors of infidelity which was denounced. I heard the cliche "its not you it's me line". After all we had been through which seemed to be so easily forgot I was taken aback on how callous she could be. Was my good nature being mistook for a selfish exit strategy? A question that swirled through my head.

I decided that I would follow my heart, at the brink of losing something special its always that much more of a clincher on how much it means to you! I put my soldier gear on and I went to war. I went to bat for the love that burned deep inside me. We fought, we made up, we laughed, we cried, we shared more moments but it seemed it was a battle of wills. The one who would stick to there guns the most would ultimately WIN?! Now me being a person of logic if there was a plausible response for us not staying together I'd have walked, I even asked the important question of "If your life is worse with me in it, tell me now and I'll never bother you again".

Of course that wasn't said and the battle continued. I remember there was some money involved a little under a grand I didn't even want that to be between us so I write it off. But it seemed no matter how much work I put in, how real I was, how honest it wasn't enough. somewhere there was a feeling she had that I was trying to buy her or she couldn't pay back the stuff I'd given her. I tried to express the value of a GIFT not being the price-tag but the value behind it. I expressed that it all meant nothing she meant more to me than material possessions, but she just didn't get it. I remember having a conversation with one of her cousins where I asked "What shall I do? I don't want her to feel I'm pushing her and have her grow to resent me" she recommended that I fade away, so I did.......

I still think about her and I don't think she meant anything personal in how she acted but I guess through pain comes strength! move on they say, you'll meet someone else, hmmm as the world turns another page is added to the diary and it thickens! Only this page is an Affair of the Heart.

- Fonz

Monday, 13 June 2011

News - Tony Blair reads Al-Qur'ān every day!

I read the Koran every day, says former prime minister Tony Blair who claims it keeps him 'faith-literate'

Faith: Tony Blair has now spoken of how he reads the Koran every day

Faith: Tony Blair has now spoken of how he reads the Koran every day

He was notoriously reluctant to discuss religion while Prime Minister, with his chief spin doctor Alastair Campbell famously commenting: ‘We don’t do God.’

But since leaving Downing Street in 2007, Tony Blair has become increasingly open about the importance of religion.

Mr Blair, who converted to Catholicism months after leaving Number 10, has now spoken of how he reads the Koran every day.

Reading the Islamic religion’s holy book - considered by Muslims to be the exact words of God - ensured he remained ‘faith-literate’, the former Labour leader said.

In an interview with the Observer magazine, published yesterday he said: ‘To be faith-literate is crucial in a globalised world, I believe.

‘I read the Qur’an [Koran] every day. Partly to understand some of the things happening in the world, but mainly just because it is immensely instructive.’

Mr Blair believes that a knowledge of the faith informs his current role as Middle East envoy for the Quartet of the United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia.

The former PM’s work, which has cost British taxpayers more than £2million, aims to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mr Blair has previously praised the Muslim faith as ‘beautiful’ and said the Prophet Mohammed had been ‘an enormously civilizing force’.

In 2006 he said the Koran was a ‘reforming book, it is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance’.

But Mr Blair has also faced the devastation wreaked by violent jihadists who interpret the Koran as a call to arms.

Mr Blair said reading the Islamic religion's holy book - considered by Muslims to be the exact words of God - ensured he remained 'faith-literate'

Mr Blair said reading the Islamic religion's holy book - considered by Muslims to be the exact words of God - ensured he remained 'faith-literate'

He was Prime Minister when the July 7 suicide bombers attacked London in 2005, murdering 52 innocent people.

Not only does reading the Koran support his peace envoy role, it also gives him something in common with sister-in-law Lauren Booth.

Journalist Miss Booth - Cherie Blair’s half sister - raised eyebrows after announcing last October that she had converted to Islam after what she described as a ‘holy experience’ during a visit to a shrine in Iran.

Mr Blair also used the Observer interview to dismiss claims he was on a Christian ‘crusade’ when taking Britain into the highly divisive war in Iraq.

His former constituency agent John Burton said two years ago that Mr Blair ‘believed strongly at the time, that intervention in Kosovo, Sierra Leone – Iraq too – was all part of the Christian battle; good should triumph over evil, making lives better.’

But the ex-Premier said: ‘People still ask me if military decisions in Iraq or Afghanistan were based on some kind of divine instruction. It’s rubbish.
‘Of course not. Just as I couldn’t go into a corner and pray to ask God what the minimum wage should be.’

Read more:

News - Saxophonist Clarence Clemons Suffers Stroke

The big man Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Clemons, 69, is "said to be seriously ill after a stroke at his home in Florida," according to, who also says members of the E Street Band were "advised to get down to Florida as soon as possible" to see him.

Clemons had suffered from other ailments through the last few years, including double knee surgery -- but recently worked on Lady Gaga's new album and even performed with her on the finale of "American Idol" last month.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Poem - Desire Vs Detachment

You just aren't "......" although it's not fair,
My heart is elsewhere not that I don't care,
You want from me what I am inept to give,
I'm sorry that's just how it is,

At one point in time I was swept from my feet,
Bound tightly by consummate love,
But soon I was beaten til' broken and weakened,
Discarded which left me unplugged,

So it's nothing personal try to take in,
There's something I hunger and crave,
What left me reeling in this tail spin,
Of emotional disarray,

I know what that means,
How its makes me seem,
Iniquitous, callous and mean,
But that's not the case,
My virtue shan't debase,
From the state of it being serene,

You long for my time,
Wanting more moments with me,
Your name isn't "....." for you I'm too busy,
That's how I know that my feelings are true,
Hoping time evokes healing and pain will subdue,

It's hard when estranged from what you desire,
To move on to somebody next,
That's why you and I just can't journey much higher,
As still I'm in love with my ex.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The One Flaw In Women!

Women have strengths that amaze men.
They bear hardships and they carry burdens,
but they hold happiness, love and joy.

They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry
They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.
They stand up to injustice.

They don’t take “no” for an answer when they believe there is a better solution

They go without so their family can have.
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.

They love unconditionally.
They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards.

They are happy when they hear about
a birth or a wedding.
Their hearts break when a friend dies.
They grieve at the loss of a family member,
yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left.
They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart.

Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors...

They’ll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you to show how much they care about you.

The heart of a woman is what makes the world keep turning.

They bring joy, hope and love.
They have compassion and ideas.
They give moral support to their family and friends.

Women have vital things to say and everything to give.



News - 'Mr Handsworth' Hector Pinkney awarded MBE in Queen's Birthday Honours

HECTOR Pinkney, known to his neighbourhood as “Mr Handsworth”, has been given the Royal seal of approval in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The modest 58-year-old said news of the MBE made his “heart tremble” after years of devoting himself to the inner-city community.

He features in a long list of gongs for the great and the good of Birmingham and the West Midlands. Among them triple jumper and Olympics silver medallist Phillips Idowu, aged 32, who trains under Birchfield Harrier Aston Moore, in Birmingham, and has also picked up an MBE.

By day, granddad Hector works as a security officer at Handsworth Library but his countless duties and network of contacts have made him the go-to man for people across the area.

Events he’s behind include a weekly running club and exercise classes for the Soho Elders’ Group. He set up a karate club and organises benefit nights. He has also become a youth mentor and helps the library hold talent competitions and live music events.

He said: There are a lot more people in the community who deserve a lot more. I know I just do my best whatever I do.”

Handsworth’s reputation as a “no-go area” would be lifted by the award, he said. Hector’s family has been involved in community work since arriving in Handsworth from Jamaica in 1962.

He worked with his sister Dolores helping young people on the Dojo community project. His late mother Mavis used to run an informal youth club from the front room of her home in Leonard Road back in the 1960s and she campaigned to launch the Muhammad Ali Centre.

The building in Hockley is now derelict but Hector is hoping to get it back open.

“My mum brought me here to make a life,” he added. “She shines down on me in everything I do and she would be saying ‘well done son, that’s why I brought you up to be a good lad’.”


Dolores Pinkney and Hector Pinkney (Active Citizen Award)
Sister and brother Dolores (60) and Hector Pinkney (58) have been community activists for over 20 years. Together they run the DOJO community project in Handsworth, helping the community by running activities such as jogging sessions on Tuesdays and Sundays, as well as securing the lease to build a community playcentre on the derelict site of the Hockley flyover.
Dolores and Hector led the fundraising which made over £2,500 to pay for the funeral of local homeless person, Lester Kidd, who died in a fire in November 2009.


Congratulations to my Uncle even though I may not be a fan of terrestrial terms such as MBE when it comes to community work my family does have deep seated roots. I believe when you have a big heart you do things for that not the accolades its a good thing to touch lives positively. I know my Uncle has been there to help others as well as me wherever he can, and I commend him and also my Aunty Del.

Movie Madness - Mother's Day Review

Mother's Day

Veteran Saw franchise helmer Darren Lynn Bousman continues his foray into the macabre with this remake of the 1989 Troma B-film classic Mother's Day. The revamp will still center on a demented mother (Rebecca De Mornay) and her sons, but will focus on them terrorizing a couple that is residing in their old home rather than the original's theme of a group of hikers being tortured in the woods. The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests.


After a bank robbery has gone wrong, three brothers on the run from the law head for home, only to discover that their mother (Rebecca De Mornay) lost the house in a foreclosure. The new owners and their guests, gathered for an ill-timed birthday party, become the brothers' unwitting hostages."

Now let me start by saying this movie made an instant impression on me, being a fan of the psychological horror genre this certainly didn't fail. Starting with a bang of a high octane bank robbery gone wrong, the pace is set instantly of what becomes a 1 hr. 46 min thrill ride! Home invasion movies when properly did always make you think as it puts you in the seat of "what would I do if that was me?” The story is able to stay interesting as it so happens there is a hurricane heading for the town meaning neighbors are housebound, authorities aren't in sight hence forth creating a feeling of isolation. Once in the home we are further introduced to the characters of three brothers, Johnny Koffin (Matt O'Leary) who has been shot in the robbery and is fatally wounded, the psychotic and trigger happy Addley Koffin (Warren Kole) who poses the danger, and Izaak 'Ike' Koffin (Patrick Flueger) as the big brother whom we see assume the leadership role.

The movie springs forth into gear as the brothers discover the Sohapi family (Daniel played by Frank Grillo & Beth played by Jamie King) in there home. At which point they learn there Mother had lost the family home but due to a mishap in communication they messed up by going there. Addley's first response is to kill them and go until Beth informs them there are more people in the house one being a doctor named George Barnum (Shawn Ashmore) who could treat there dying brother.

We then learn from a phone call from Ike to his sister Lydia Koffin (Deborah Ann Woll) that "Mother" is upset with things not going to plan and is on her way! While we anticipate the arrival of this woman we have not saw yet the brothers, mainly Addley puts in a stellar performance tormenting the hostages he even manages to bring the comic relief at the same time with such exploits has ripping a guys toupe off his head, gory but fun!

The gear culminates to when the brothers' mother, who we learn to be the real leader, and their sister arrive. Natalie 'Mother' Koffin is played by none other than Rebecca De Mornay. Who manages to instantly captivate with her performance maybe even more chilling that that of here role in "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle". The audience are able to see that her psyche is two fold she is introduced and comes off as a loving Mother and her maternal instincts are not just to her children but the hostages too, but when plotting there escape and learning her sons have sent money for the mother to the house the Sohapi family claim to know nothing about things get nasty!

It becomes clear that Mother has manipulated her children all there lives from the boys never having a girlfriend, and seeing there emotional instability and fear towards Mother, to her tales of "Queenie" a creature who lives in the woods which keep her daughter by her side. Would be nice to get a prequel maybe that opens a back story into why she is this way I think. But for this movie the pace is well kept in this movie and it does what it sets out to Rebecca De Mornay definitely steals the show and is well supported by Warren Kole.

Throughout the carnage we are able to see her still instilling love and lessons into her children with quotes like "Its easy to huff puff and wave things around but real strength is knowing where you stand and guiding others to that position". With a solid 18 rating it boasts blood and gore that if your squeamish you'll be looking away! All in all good movie to watch would go well in a big group or on a date.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Sports - Young agrees United terms

Villa forward to complete Old Trafford move after holiday

Image text here

Young: Villa midfielder has agreed personal terms with Manchester United

Sky Sports sources understand Ashley Young has agreed personal terms ahead of his proposed move to Manchester United from Aston Villa.

The talented midfielder, who has also undergone a brief medical, is now expected to complete a switch to Old Trafford when he returns from holiday.

It emerged on Thursday that the Premier League champions had held discussions with Young's representatives over a possible switch to Old Trafford.

The England international admitted earlier this summer that he was keen to play at the very highest level, sparking speculation that he would leave Villa Park this summer.

United have been credited with a long-term interest in the former Watford player, while Liverpool were also understood to be monitoring the situation.

And Sir Alex Ferguson now looks to have pipped the Reds to yet another transfer target, with Blackburn defender Phil Jones already on course to join the 19-times champions of England.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

News - Ja Rule sentenced to two years in a jail

Ja Rule is headed to a New York prison for up to two years after being sentenced today in a 2007 gun case.

The platinum-selling rapper and actor had pleaded guilty in December after being charged with attempted criminal weapon possession.

The charges stemmed from an incident in July 2007 when the authorities pulled the rapper over as he was leaving a concert in his luxury sports car and found a loaded semi-automatic 40-calibre pistol in the back seat.

They later discovered the gun was unregistered and New York law prohibits people from having firearms outside their homes or workplaces.

Behind bars: Rapper Ja Rule was sentenced to up two years in a New York jail today, stemming from an incident with an unregistered hand gun in 2007

Behind bars: Rapper Ja Rule was sentenced to up two years in a New York jail today, stemming from an incident with an unregistered hand gun in 2007

The rapper, his manager and their driver were all arrested on the scene, as was fellow rapper Lil Wayne who had performed with Ja Rule earlier that night.

The 35-year-old, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, sat silently during the sentencing at the New York State Supreme Court.

He is expected to serve between 18 and 20 months with good behaviour.

Good spirits: The rapper waved to fans in the courthouse before being led off.

Good spirits: The rapper waved to fans in the courthouse before being led off.

Cuffed: Ja Rule was calm and well-mannered as the officer locked handcuffs onto his wrists to be led to jail

Cuffed: Ja Rule was calm and well-mannered as the officer locked handcuffs onto his wrists to be led to jail

Just one and a half hours before his sentence was revealed, Ja Rule sent a Twitter message to his 50,000 followers: 'Out on my patio having my last free moment I love all my fans Pain is love!!!'

Dressed in a grey track suit, the father-of-three signed autographs for fans before entering the courthouse and then later hugged his attorney and waved to his high school sweetheart wife, Aisha Atkins as he was led away.

Ja Rule also faces the possibility of a federal prison sentence for failing to pay taxes on more than $3 million in income, reports American newspaper USA Today.

Final moments of freedom: Ja Rule arrived at court today holding hands with his wife of ten years, Aisha Atkins

Final moments of freedom: Ja Rule arrived at court today holding hands with his wife of ten years, Aisha Atkins

He could get up to three years in prison for the tax case and sentencing begins on June 13, but it is thought that his legal team will push for it to be served at the same time as his current sentence.

The Grammy-nominated artist has worked with music industry hit makers such as Jennifer Lopez, Christina Millian, Ashanti and R. Kelly.

He has also has appeared in more than a dozen movies, including the 2001 film The Fast and the Furious and 2003's Scary Movie 3.

Ja Rule's biggest hit was the 2002 album Pain Is Love, and he has sold nearly 20 million albums over the course of his career.

Solid fan base: Never forgetting the people who made him famous, Ja Rule signed photos for fans outside the court

Solid fan base: Never forgetting the people who made him famous, Ja Rule signed photos for fans outside the court

2Weeks 2Make It Complete - VOTE FOR ME!!!!!

Vote for my video purrleeeeeeeeease!!

"Dream Big" is a motivational high energy track which serves as a motivational piece for children and young people chasing there dreams. Thanks Much! #ybw
here is the finished product, editing by scrubberjack productions! Thanks to all those who helped and had input!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

News - Birmingham nursery worker Paul Wilson admits child rape

A nursery worker has pleaded guilty to two counts of raping a toddler, after police found images of the abuse.

Paul Anthony Wilson, 20, also admitted more than 40 offences related to grooming young girls on the internet and distributing indecent images.

He contacted 22 girls across the UK online, then blackmailed them into performing sex acts.

His arrest prompted an inquiry into his employment at the Little Stars Nursery, Birmingham.

At Birmingham Crown Court, Wilson admitted the two rape charges along with 45 charges of making and distributing indecent images and inciting youngsters to engage in sexual activity on the internet.

He has been warned he faces an indeterminate jail sentence when he returns to court on 27 July.

Recorder of Birmingham Judge William Davis QC said the public had to be protected from him.

'Female aliases'

Wilson's online victims, aged between 12 and 15, were befriended over the internet and then encouraged to expose themselves on a webcam.

Start Quote

His actions were calculated and carefully considered”

End Quote Det Ch Insp Garry Booth

He would record the images and use them to blackmail his victims into carrying out sexual acts for him.

Det Insp Kay Wallace, of West Midlands Police, said the form the abuse took was "horrendous" for his victims because his actions were so calculating and manipulative.

Officers involved in the case said they had been shocked by the level of depravity Wilson had engaged in.

"He is a very, very, dangerous individual," Det Insp Wallace added.

The internet abuse went undetected until one of the girls he had threatened contacted police and his home in Newbold Croft, Nechells, was raided on 5 January.

Police found images showing the abuse of the toddler, which led them to the nursery in Nechells Park Road where he had worked for 18 months.

Detectives have said they believe he had twice been involved in assaulting one child at the nursery.

Wilson had no criminal record when he was detained and it is thought appropriate checks on his background were conducted before he began to work at the nursery.

At an earlier hearing into the case the court was told the grooming charges related to a total of 22 girls aged between 12 and 15.

Marni Chimba, prosecuting, said Wilson used multiple identities to befriend the girls on chat sites and social-networking sites, sometimes pretending to be a previous victim.

The girl, who cannot be identified, was told to send nursery worker Paul Wilson photographs of herself

"Some of the aliases were female names and he also pretended to be the complainants, encouraging others to send their movies to him," she said.

One of his grooming victims said she had communicated with Wilson through a messaging site and Netlog, a web-based youth community site.

She said at first she had normal conversations with Wilson over the internet, but was eventually pressured into exposing herself to him via a webcam.

The victim said she was then told that the images would be distributed if she refused to follow his orders.

'Satisfy perversions'

Det Ch Insp Garry Booth said Wilson created multiple online identities to manipulate and coerce teenage girls across the country to behave in an inappropriate way.

"His actions were calculated and carefully considered," he said.

"Over a period of time, Wilson formed online relationships with his victims with the sole aim of using them to satisfy his perversions.

"He would then use fear and guilty to elicit further acts and ensure his victims silence."

Police then travelled across the country to break the news to families who were unaware their child was being abused.

"With every knock at every victim's door, they knew that the lives of those inside would be irrevocably changed," Mr Booth said.

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News - Love Rat Ryan Giggs 8Yr Affair With Own Brothers Wife!


With his 'family-man-persona' tarnished, England's most decorated star, Ryan Giggs has strained ties with his brother Rhodri Giggs, 34. Giggs, 37, allegedly had an eight-year-affair with his sister-in-law, Natasha Giggs. Natasha outed their illicit trysts on Sunday to the English tabloids and has supposedly left her husband, and flown to Spain in the midst of the media furore.

  • Devastated' Rhodri 'in a bad way' after discovering details of affair
  • Manchester United star slept with Natasha Giggs the day after his daughter was born
  • 'Squeaky clean' footballer continued affair while he was also seeing Big Brother housemate Imogen Thomas

Ryan Giggs' brother Rhodri has emerged from his marital home after it was claimed he had split from his wife Natasha following claims of her having an affair with his footballer sibling.

Rhodri, 34, looked tired and stressed as he left the property in Bolton alongside close friend Will Mellor. And, significantly, Rhodri's ring finger was bare, with no sign of the wedding band he wore up until recently.

It is believed Rhodri and Mellor spent the afternoon with the Giggs' brothers' mother.

Rhodri is said to be 'devastated' over the reported eight-year relationship, and has now apparently ended his marriage, telling The Sun: 'I was with her on Saturday but I'm not with her now.'

'Devastated': Rhodri Giggs was seen outside his house in Bolton today after apparently splitting from wife Natasha, seen yesterday, following reports of her eight-year affair with his brother Ryan
'Devastated': Rhodri Giggs was seen outside his house in Bolton today after apparently splitting from wife Natasha, seen yesterday, following reports of her eight-year affair with his brother Ryan

'Devastated': Rhodri Giggs was seen outside his house in Bolton today after apparently splitting from wife Natasha, seen yesterday, following reports of her eight-year affair with his brother Ryan

A source told the newspaper: 'He's devastated and can't believe the extent of his humiliation - by both of them.

'Rhodri said, "I know me and Ryan have had our ups and downs but this is the lowest of the low". He has suspicions that something may have gone on between Ryan and Natasha, but he never thought it was to this extent. His head is in a mess.'

The split comes as it was reported in a Sunday newspaper that Natasha, 28, and Manchester United star Ryan had begun their relationship before she began dating his younger sibling Rhodri.

The News of the World claimed Giggs slept with Natasha the day after his eight-year-old daughter was born, and again the day after the arrival of his four-year-old son. The affair was alleged to have continued until April 9.

Weary: Rhodri looked tired and stressed as he left the house with best friend Will Mellor. His wedding ring was also noticeably absent from his left hand

Weary: Rhodri looked tired and stressed as he left the house with best friend Will Mellor. His wedding ring was also noticeably absent from his left hand

Worn out: Rhodri kept as hidden as possible under the hood of his black sweatshirt

Worn out: Rhodri kept as hidden as possible under the hood of his black sweatshirt

To underline 37-year-old Giggs’s folly in taking out his notorious injunction over an alleged fling with former Big Brother housemate Imogen Thomas, his sister-in-law said it was this which spurred her to break her silence.

‘When I found out he was cheating with Imogen too, I was really hurt,’ she told the paper through a ‘friend’.

‘I know that sounds really strange, but he wasn’t just cheating on Stacey, he was cheating on me too. Our relationship was just about sex to him.’

Rhodri is now said to be ‘in a bad way’, and is being supported by friends, including TV star Will Mellor, at the marital home, a £170,000 terrace townhouse.

Dashing up to Bolton to support his friend, Mellor, who was best man at Rhodri and Natasha's wedding last September, said: 'I'm driving up from London. I just want to be with him and be a friend. He can't be on his own at a time like this.'

Betrayed: Wife Stacey with Ryan Giggs

Betrayed: Wife Stacey with Ryan Giggs at an awards ceremony earlier this year

Last night Rhodri changed his Facebook profile picture to a defiant quote reading: ‘Isn’t it weird how people talk s*** about you, when the only thing they actually know about you is your name?’

Estate agent Natasha was pictured at a petrol station yesterday before apparently heading abroad with her two young children – after insisting that her account was ‘100 per cent accurate’.

She said she was a single mother when she met Giggs at a Manchester bar in March 2003 while Stacey – then his fiancée – was pregnant with their first child. The pair enjoyed a brief fling but after they broke it off she began seeing Rhodri, who had joined them on a night out, the paper said.

That did not stop Giggs secretly resuming their relationship the following year, it alleged, and even when she became engaged to Rhodri in 2005 and was expecting his child, he continued demanding to see her.

When I found out he was cheating with Imogen too, I was really hurt. I know that sounds really strange, but he wasn’t just cheating on Stacey, he was cheating on me too.

Natasha gave birth in August 2006 and Stacey had her son two months later, but the affair was quickly rekindled, it was claimed. ‘The day after his son was born we met up and had sex,’ the paper quoted Natasha as saying through her friend. ‘Stacey was still in hospital.’

Despite rumours among their friends about the affair, and near-misses when the pair’s respective partners became suspicious of messages on their mobile phones, the couple continued their liaisons.

The paper said a falling-out between the brothers over Giggs supposedly flirting with one of Natasha’s friends meant he pulled out of being best man at her wedding to Rhodri in Las Vegas last summer.

He also failed to turn up at a celebration party in Manchester – instead, fatefully, attending a friend’s birthday event in London where he met Imogen Thomas.

Shortly after his last tryst with Natasha, rumours began to circulate that he was the mystery footballer who had taken out an injunction forbidding discussion of his affair with Miss Thomas.

Natasha texted him to ask if this was true. He reportedly insisted: ‘No way. It’s not me.’

The following month, however, shortly before Twitter users broadcast the truth around the world, she realised he was lying.

In a furious text message she wrote: ‘I know u may not have any loyalties towards me n my feelings, that’s fine… now I no longer have any loyalties to u!

‘Any kind of feelings or respect I may have had for u disappeared when I realized how much u have manipulated me! You’re an idiot!’

Betrayed: Rhodri Giggs pictured on holiday with his wife Natasha

Betrayed: Rhodri Giggs pictured on holiday with his wife Natasha

Playing away: Big Brother beauty Imogen Thomas also enjoyed an affair with Giggs

Playing away: Big Brother beauty Imogen Thomas also enjoyed an affair with Giggs

However Giggs allegedly responded: ‘What the **** u going on about? This has been the worst 2 weeks of my life!!!’

Natasha also accused the £80,000-a-week star of being astonishingly tight-fisted, the paper said. He allegedly conducted their liaisons in empty flats she was marketing and left her to pay for rounds of drinks and expensive hotel rooms.

Giggs is said to have left on a make-or-break foreign holiday with his wife and children before yesterday’s allegations appeared. His mother Lynne, who lives a few doors from his £6million mansion in Worsley, Manchester, refused to comment.

Rhodri combines his duties as player-manager of non-league Salford City with a day job delivering lorryloads of paper.

The Giggs boys: Rhodri, left, with brother Ryan

The Giggs boys: Rhodri, left, with brother Ryan

Max Clifford, who is representing both Natasha and Imogen Thomas, said the whole sordid saga would have remained under wraps had Giggs not obtained the gagging order, because Miss Thomas had not wanted it made public.

He added that Miss Thomas was ‘hurt and very upset’.

‘It’s a double-edged sword for her – it is horrible to find out this has been going on, but she does feel vindicated because this shows the kind of man he really is.’

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