Wednesday, 30 March 2011

News: Former Manchester City forward jailed for assault

The former Manchester City forward Kelvin Etuhu was jailed for eight months for assault yesterday. The 22-year-old, who was recently released by City, broke the jaw of a 24-year-old man during a fight last February. He had previously admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray.

Etuhu kicked Owen Fitzpatrick three times after punching him to the ground, and was caught on CCTV doing so. The fight occurred on 28 February last year, outside Manchester's 235 Casino. Etuhu and his friend Rico Richards, 27, were involved in a dispute inside the casino with Fitzpatrick and two other men, which continued on the street outside.

The sentencing took place yesterday at Warrington Crown Court. Judge Hale told Etuhu that he had "blown" his opportunity of a lucrative football career. "You brought yourself up by your bootstraps, you and your family, having come here from Nigeria with nothing but your talent, grit and determination," he said. "That is a great credit to you and your family and you have blown it." Etuhu's family were in court, including his elder brother Dickson who plays for Fulham and Nigeria. The 28-year-old wrote on Twitter yesterday: "Sad day for my family!"

Kelvin Etuhu was born in Nigeria but grew up in Peckham and came through the Manchester City academy. After a loan spell at Rochdale he made his debut for City in 2007 under Sven Goran Eriksson, and scored his one goal in December 2007. He had loan spells at Leicester City and Cardiff City.

City cancelled Etuhu's contract before his case came to trial.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Having been a longtime fan of Hip-Hop mogul Master P's southern juggenaut that is No Limit Records, we now see a return of the re-energized label in 2011 and here is my thoughts & feelings on what it means to me!


Monday, 21 March 2011

Blog - Charlie Sheen: Maniacal Genius?? or Crazy Nut??

Torpedoes of Truth!
(You're either in Sheen's-Korner or you're with the trolls)

Right where to begin on this one, if this was the wrestling business the SMARKS (A fan who understands some of the inner workings of the business) would be asking is this a SHOOT (a term that refers to any unplanned, unscripted or real-life occurrence within an event)or a WORK (an event booked to happen).

The what seems to be meltdown of Charlie Sheen has been well publicized from the assumption of drug induced rants to accusations of being Anti-Semitic. The highest paid TV actor earning US$1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men has never been new to making the headlines over the years including reports about alcohol and drug abuse and marital problems as well as allegations of domestic violence. As of late the media attention has been on what some would call psycho-babble but in Sheen's poetic & cryptic rants is there deeper meaning??

I for one think YES!! Now not standing from a place of judgment when looked at from an objective point of view its plain to see that Charlie has become super charged and fueled by his passion his anger is targeted at those whom have wronged him. For starts the nay-sayers who look and say he was making 1.8 million per episode on CBS hit show "Two & A Half Men" and now has been fired, fail to see the underhanded intentions of one Haim Lavine (Chuck Lorre) who has been putting Sheen down at the end of the cult show via his "vanity cards" and was the one who ordered the suits into Sheens home! I think his intentions need to be questioned, a guy who is under the spell of AA, a guy who said there was no scripts when Charlie returned to work, and a guy that would have you believe charlie isn't clean because his brain can't process it!

"You have the right to kill me, but you don't have the right to judge me. That's life. There's nobility in that. There's focus. It's genuine. It's crystal and it's pure and it's available to everybody, so just shut your traps and put down your McDonalds, your vaccines, your Us Weekly, your TMZ and the rest of it. " Charlie Sheen

In his recent interviews many have found Charlie as an inspirational speaker a man whom refused to be bound by terrestrial descriptions. He makes no secret of his demons and struggles he's overcome and has developed a mantra of WINNING (winning inside of every moment). a man who spreads violent love and isn't afraid of standing up to big conglomerate TV networks, Warner Brothers, to the President of the United States whom he has written an open letter for Barack Obama to respond to over the fraud that is 9-11!
Charlie Sheen has provoked outrage with claims that the U.S. government was behind the September 11 terror attacks and he has appealed to President Barack Obama to hold a new investigation into the attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. He claims the attacks simply served 'as the pretext for the systematic dismantling of our Constitution and Bill of Rights'. Citing the administration of former president George Bush was behind the attacks, which they were then able to use to justify an invasion of Iraq. He even hints that Osama Bin Laden was working with the CIA up until 9/11.
Now Charlie is in a place where he is swarmed with media attention where most are thinking he's lost the plot but i see a man who is tired of being forced to perpetuate a life that is not him, a man who has been nice for too long and has been kicked about, a man who has embraced the inner warlock in him and along with his trusty tiger blood, goddesses and sheens korner following he is definitely an instrumental part in the InfoWars against Globalization and Consumerism!!

I for one wish for nothing but the best for Charlie hope he can stay clean and keep delivering the message in good health and a sound mind & body!! and I for one will be supporting his "Torpedoes Of Truth Tour" because after all either you're in Sheen's Korner or you're with the trolls!

"What you come to discover is, it isn't how you get there, it's that you get there. If that's what it took to get me where I'm at today, so be it." - Charlie Sheen



Sunday, 20 March 2011

News: The Census and Grime Artist Ghetts the puppet!!

Ghetts's new track, Invisible, is part of a drive to persuade ethnic minorities to fill in the census.

The US arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin is to handle the UK's census data.
"Some don't know what a census is," the London grime artist Ghetts begins, "some do but they don't see the sense in it." Over a catchy hook and with a flashy video to accompany, his new track, "Invisible", seems to be part of the government's drive to persuade young people and ethnic minorities to fill in this year's national census population survey. But there is a small fact they are failing to mention in December 2008, the government quietly awarded the £150m contract to collect and securely handle the 2011 census data to Lockheed Martin, the second-largest arms manufacturer in the world. It makes bombs, bomber jets and has run most of the US military's intelligence gathering and interrogation, including at Guantánamo Bay, where it operated through subsidiary companies. Nice people to be doing business with. The Ghetts track makes clear is that young people, those who have never filled in a census before, are the government's target audience. And the choice has been made clear: fill in the census, or you are breaking the law and could end up in prison. Or, as Ghetts rhymes: "Just remember this, if minorities don't fill in the form, what's the point of living in Britain at all?" Surely all British citizens have a right to live here, regardless of whether or not they feel like giving Lockheed Martin and the British government their personal data?

I wonder how much was he paid to make the song!!

(read full article here)




Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cherish what you have before it's gone!

And I Quote...

"Probley dnt wana spk to me after everyfin which is cool I just wanted to say that I was sorry n that's the gods honest truth iv probley hurt u in the past aswell which I'm sorry for too if u reply to the message which I dnt expect I no ur more then likely gona give me a lecture on how I behaved but I already know that that's why I'm apologising i no u dnt hate me n I certainly dnt hate u that was just adolesence talk lol(hope I put a lil smile on ur face for that comment) I aint expecting frends cuz we cudnt b that now its bin too long but if I happend to buck on u I'd buy u a drink (anything under a fiver lol JOKING) but yeh that's it from me"

Now when you receive such a random message like this in your inbox from a ex it is not satisfying but somewhat gratifying. You see this is a fine example of appreciating what you have while its there and cherishing what you have got. Without coming across self-absorbed or like some sorta ego-maniac its plain to see that I'm still WINNING and although we haven't spoke or saw each other in year this is visible to her. The moral of the story is standing on the side of good and truth and that's how you win. When what your about is fake shit then it will always come back to bite you in the ass (figuratively) Moral of this rant cherish what you have before its gone, good luck cuz you will need it! sizzle, losing BYE!


Rastamouse Branded “No Better Than The New Sambo – Golliwog In Drag”

Levi Roots, Benjamin Zephaniah and psychologist Delroy Constantine-Simms all have their say on CBeebies sensation Rastamouse.

It’s hard to keep up with all the Rastamouse controversy, we reported earlier this week that the show had already garnered a combined 101 complaints and now high-profile Rastafarians have been giving their opinion on the show with Reggae Reggae Sauce founder Levi Roots saying he doesn’t support the use of a mouse to represent his culture “I was asked to do the voice of the mouse, but I said no. I am a Rastafarian and I wouldn’t want to portray a Rastafarian as a mouse. For me it is about integrity.” he told The Mirror “I’d never portray a Rasta as a pig or a mouse as I don’t think the values of being a Rasta are served by that. If it was a lion that would be very different, a lion is strong symbol in Rastafarianism.” continuing “Personally, I do not support this representation of us. But we do need representation on TV and as this is the first it should be given a chance. People need to decide whether it is right or wrong for themselves. I have seven children and I would most certainly not want them to watch this show.”

Benjamin Zephaniah was more contemplative about the show: “It’s not the greatest representation of the community, and the accents are not very accurate – probably because people wouldn’t understand a real one. But it’s the first, so of course it is going to attract criticism. The fact that he’s a mouse isn’t great. If you asked the community 99% would want a lion, but so would English football fans.” finishing “On the whole, I’d rather have Rastamouse than not.”

Controversially, in the same Mirror article psychologist Delroy Constantine-Simms called Rastamouse “no better than the new Sambo – golliwog in drag” continuing “No other ethnic group in Britain would allow their religion to be represented by a rodent. Can you imagine a Jewish person writing Jewie the Crime Fighting Pig? Or a follower of the Hindu faith endorsing Hindi the Crime Fighting Cow? Or a book from a Muslim writer titled Jihad Jane? It just would not happen.”

Rastamouse has already been licensed the in Poland, Australia, Canada and Israel and is set for a merchandise range as well as pop career following a record deal with EMI.